Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers Resolution


Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers
Resolution on Torture in Iraq

We, members of the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, an alliance of 54 member organizations that endeavor to promote the peaceful resolution of conflict and the provision of justice for those denied this human right in any way, vehemently protest the actions of the United States in invading Iraq on false pretenses and thereafter indiscriminately killing thousands of Iraqi civilians and imprisoning thousands more, in some cases under horrific conditions that violate the Geneva Conventions.

The Government of the United States has the legal and moral responsibility to uphold the rule of law, not only of its own constitution but also of international law, here in the United States and also in any area abroad in which it is engaged. U.S. government actions in entering into a preemptive, illegal war in Iraq; indiscriminately killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan and imprisoning thousands of people without charge or trial in those countries as well as In the United States in the so-called "war on terror"; and then subjecting some of those people to degrading and torturous treatment, are a betrayal of this country's commitment to human rights and demo-cratic values. These actions invite other nations also to ignore the Geneva Conventions.

We call upon the U.S. government to return to its constitutional underpinning and immediately act to:

a) Conduct, with the participation of the United Nations abroad, a prompt, thorough, impartial and transparent investigation of all allegations of torture and degrading treatment of detainees, anywhere people are held by action of the U.S. government or the individual U.S. state governments;

b) Try those identified as responsible for torture or abusive treatment, including senior military and civilian personnel who had knowledge of such treatment yet approved its continuance or failed to take action to stop it; and apply appropriate disciplinary sanctions against those found to be guilty;

c) Provide fair and adequate compensation, medical treatment, and rehabilitation to the victims of torture and degrading treatment;

d) Provide regular, unscheduled access to all U.S. prisons and detention centers no matter where located for independent monitoring by the Red Cross, U.N. representatives, and non-governmental organizations with a human rights focus;

e) Assure Americans as well as the world community that the United States will not accept violations of fundamental human rights and, in concert with the United Nations, will take whatever steps are necessary to prevent any further violations.

Passed at MAP Council Meeting, Tuesday, June 8, 2004.

To be sent to President, Vice President, Minnesota senators; Minnesota congressional delegation, and major Minnesota newspapers.



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