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MAP Member E-Stickers Project

What Are Member E-Stickers?
A chance to get creative!

Middle East Peace Now Sticker and LinkMember E-Stickers are small images, 120px wide by 150px high, that can be submitted to this website by a MAP member organizations and will be displayed on the righthand "e-sticker column." An e-sticker is a great way for member organizations to convey a message, publicize an event or promote an idea - or to decorate our environment.

For example, the image to the left could be an e-sticker that publicizes an event for Middle East Peace Now, or it could link to a website with more information about that organization.

Grandmothers for Peace - find a peace vigil The e-sticker to the right can be linked to the Grandmothers For Peace website page that lists local peace vigils and other events or it could link to more information about Grandmothers for Peace, or it could link to information about a specific coming event.

As a member of Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, member organizations may submit up to 2 "e-stickers" to be displayed on the MAP website. The e-sticker column has been designed to display the e-stickers in random order each time a page is opened or refreshed. - So get those creative juices flowing and send us an image and link that promotes your ideas and messages as peacemakers.

Sticker Guidelines

File type: .jpg or gif image
Image size: 120px X 150px (image will be downsized if too big)
File size: (we will optimize file down to 5Kb or less if it is larger)
Content: can be any combination of graphics and words and should identify the member organization that is submitting it.
Link: The sticker can either link to the originating organization or an informational site that reflects the sticker’s message.

How To Submit Your Sticker

Once you have developed a sticker, send an email to info@mapm.org with “E-Sticker Submission” as the subject with the following information in the body:
Your name:
MAP Organization the sticker is sponsored by:
URL to link sticker to: (e.g. www.peacefulday.org)
Your phone number or email (if different from reply) to contact you:
Then attach the image file to the email and send.

Getting Help:

If you would like help developing an E-Sticker, or would like us to make one for you, please fill out this online form and we will put our team of creative volunteers on the project and send you an e-sticker image for approval.

Contact Cindy at webcare@mapm.org if you have any problems or questions.

















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Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers is a Peace and Justice Organization based in Minneapolis, MN
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