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Profile and Resource People Project

The "MAP Activism Profile" matrix and "MAP Resource People" are a compilation of our member organizations' particular goals and resources that has been developed to aid our members in finding other MAP organizations and people with common goals who have volunteered to serve as resources in some way. This resource was developed in response to the dialogues that took place at the May 17, 2002 MAP Retreat. The documents can serve as vehicles for connecting organizations and individuals engaged in common activities and goals without the expectation that everyone act in concert around one thing.

Connecting with others to leverage our effectiveness as an alliance*

Use the "MAP Activism Profile" matrix, here, to make connections with other MAP organizations having similar interests. Organizations have indicated their activism as (1) deeply engaged, (2) moderately engaged, or (3) potential engagement. "Potential engagement" means at least one person would like to be involved, but is not currently. The 17 issue categories in the right column were roughly compiled from member organizations' mission statements.

A number in the matrix with a bold frame means at least one person is volunteering to serve as a MAP Resource Person. You can find out who that is by opening the "MAP Resource People" page, here. If you want to add your name as a volunteer, notify Sook Holdridge at . Include your name, phone, email address, best time to be contacted, the specific issue, what you are willing to do, and the name of your member organization.


* The initiative to call a joint meeting and discuss possibilities for leveraging your activism is yours.




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Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers is a Peace and Justice Organization based in Minneapolis, MN