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On The Military Budget
by Tom White
sent 3-25-03

Dear Editor,

Our military was given a $400 Billion budget for the year 2003. That amount is more than the combined military spending of the next 25 nations. This horrendous amount, which breaks down to $799,000 per minute, was sold to Congress by the Pentagon who said it would allow us to "wage two major wars at the same time." We are now in one war against a country (Iraq) who, according to the Center for Defense Information, spends $1.4 Billion a year on their military. The Bush people are asking for another $75 Billion to pay for this war, bringing our military spending to $903,000 per minute, every minute for five years. I will risk being called "unpatriotic" by laying out the facts and asking you to please consider the number of people, and the causes, that are being sacrificed because of an insatiable military complex. Dwight Eisenhower warned us!

Tom White

(952) 922-3401

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