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US Must Get Tough With Israel
by Florence Steichen
Letter to the editor sent to Star Tribune, 5-12-05

Dear Editor:

In Thomas Friedman's commentary May 12, he asserts that China must get tough with North Korea, and Europe with Iran for them to behave as the international community wants them to.

My first thought was--that's what needs to happen with the U.S. and Israel. It is past time for President Bush to say to Ariel Sharon:

"Enough! No more stalling, moving deadlines, insisting that the Palestians fulfill all their responsibilites before Israel begins to fulfill its obligations under that Roadmap. Set an August 2005 date for completion of the withdrawal from Gaza and stick to it.

"The Quartet will set the timeline for ending the occupation of the West Bank. This is major surgery that cannot be done incrementally. The longer you delay, the harder it will be.

"To show that we are serious, the U .S. will cut off all monetary aid until you have complied and will no longer shield Israel from UN resolutions. I expect your complete compliance on schedule."

Florence Steichen, St. Paul, MN
President, Middle East Peace Now of MN
Retired educator

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