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US Double Standard
by Florence Steichen
Letter to the editor sent to Star Tribune, 2-25-05

The U.S.A's double standard is showing again. According to the AP story in
the Star Tribune February 25 about Syria's withdrawal of troops from
Lebanon,  the U.S. insists that Syria withdraw  all its troops from Lebanon
immediately.  State Department spokesman, Tom  Casey, explains the demand by
stating that a resolution by the U.N. Security Council  "calls in clear,
unequivocal terms for all foreign forces to withdraw from Lebanon."

It is reassuring to know that the United States is committed to the
implementation  of UN Resolutions, yet ...

U.N. Security Council  Resolution #242  of November 22, 1967 requires Israel
to withdraw its forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict (war
of June 5-11, 1967).

Going back further: U.N. Resolution  #181 on the partition of Palestine into
a Jewish state and and Arab state mandated that Jerusalem be
internationalized, i.e. not part of either the Jewish or Arab  state.

Why has the U. S. has never insisted that  #181 and #242 be implemented?
Double standard? 

Looks like that  to me.

Florence Steichen, St. Paul, MN
President, Middle East Peace Now of MN
Retired educator

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