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Corrections to History

by Phil Steger
Printed in the St. Paul Pioneer Press Opinion Page
March 19th, 2003

Saddam Hussein is not Hitler. Iraq is not Germany. It is 2003, not 1938. These are just the first corrections to the history that President Bush, like a bad tutor, has crammed into America's brains just days before the most crucial test that America may ever take. And he's setting us up to fail.

Today, if Saddam Hussein crossed a single border, or let fly a weapon of mass destruction, any number of nations that would never have to set foot on Iraqi soil could immediately destroy him.

The president's decision will trigger gas attacks on the U.S. troops whom he has sent into harm's way. It could force Hussein to cross the line he otherwise would have stayed behind: that of actually arming terrorists to attack U.S. soil. It will tear long-standing alliances. It will plunge the beleaguered people of Iraq into fire, and very probably famine, and incense the world's one billion Muslims against us.

Phil Steger, St. Paul, director of Friends for a Non-Violent World

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