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It's Time For Action!

Will Shapira
Letter to the Peace and Justice Community - 3-22-04

In my view, the next eight months leading up to the Nov. 2 election are going to prove to be the most important and decisive in our nation's history. Why? Because I believe if George W. Bush is elected to a second term we are going to see an irreversible transformation of our democracy into a harsh, hegemonic and quite possibly permanent plutocratic theocracy.

If Bush gains a second term there will be no constraints of a "re-election" (technically incorrect, I know) hanging over him. But look at what he is doing now with such an alleged constraint! "Next time, no more nice guy!"

Only Paul Krugman (webmaster note: see article in truthout) to my knowledge has articulated this in the media. But I strongly believe he is absolutely correct and that if each of us does not do everything in her/his power to bring about the defeat of George W. Bush Nov. 2 we will pay for it for the remainder of our lives and so will our descendants for generations to come.

I have submitted letters to the editor of the PP, S-T, WSJ, NYT and USA Today to this effect and so far, no results. This only doubles my resolve to rewrite and try to improve the letters. I urge all of you, no matter your particular interest in peacemaking or politics, to do likewise. And you must include action steps for the readers: "Contact your elected governmental representatives" etc. etc.

To me it makes little difference whom the Democrats nominate for president. I am a simple soul who says let's choose the most electable candidate, unite behind him and get Bush out...we'll worry about the fine points of a new administration's program later. While I always welcome feedback, don't waste your precious time on me. Do the things you do best in your work for peace and justice and at the same time do everything you can to bring about the defeat of this worst-ever president and his gang of political thugs.

The future of America depends on it.

Will Shapira

(Now, why wouldn't newspapers print an innocuous little letter like that?)

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