MAP Member Opinion "Peace"  

Tom Friedman's Article
by Leslie Reindl
published in Star Tribune 5-17-04

To the Editor: Thank you for printing Thomas Friedman's article "And for
What" on the first page of the OpEx section on Sunday. That Mr. Friedman,
who has been a staunch and vocal supporter of Mr. Bush and the war on Iraq,
has now changed his mind is indeed front page news. Friedman is following
what is now a long line of informed people who are publicly condemning this
war based on "politics, not principles" and calling for regime change here.
Now when George Will and William Safire come around we will know the game is
indeed lost and, to quote Richard Rapaport on this morning's Commentary
page, "Bush is toast."

Leslie Reindl

Leslie Reindl is President of Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers

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