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Star Tribune Coverage of Peace Rallies / Truth
by Leslie Reindl
sent 3-25-04

To the Editor:

I must compliment the Star Tribune for its coverage of peace rallies--it is very consistent. On March 20 millions of people around the world demonstrated against the Iraq war, and thousands demonstrated here in St. Paul. However, there was also a small counter demonstration, and as usual, the fact of that group¹s presence got the front-page coverage (Metro section, March 21). The headline, "Two Rallies Note a Year of Peace," runs over a 3-column picture showing a few "peace people" meeting a few "war people." The only quote on the page is by a pro-war person. The continuance of the article on page 10 (right after the obits, since page 3 is full up with contestants looking for love, and the rising price of soybeans) contains the information that about 100 pro-war people and about 2000 peace people turned out. Continuing the front page coverage, however, the article is still about the pro-war rally and the spokesman is given another long paragraph to explain his rally. That leaves a few short paragraphs for the anti-war people, and they get one quote at the end.

This kind of coverage is part of the reason most Americans are ignorant of the issues surrounding the Iraq war and the outright lies told by this administration to get the public to agree to the war. It¹s why more and more people discount what the mainstream press reports and look for their information elsewhere.

The truth will and is coming out, and you will have to report it, despite your reluctance. Why not start now?

Leslie Reindl

St. Paul MN 55112

Leslie Reindl is President of Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers

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