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Message to Star Tribune
from Leslie Reindl
sent 3-25-04

I enclose a letter I am sending to the editorial page. I am very disappointed that the Star Trib continues its underreporting of people opposed to the war, of the issues underlying their opposition, of the war profiteering and privatization of another country's resources included in the occupation, of the terrible conditions of life for people in Iraq that are now the consequence of our invasion, of our failure to take care of our young National Guard people sent into a situation they were never prepared for either while they are there or after they come back terribly wounded either physically or mentally, and of the information coming out about the lies of this administration. This is a despicable piece of the history of the United States, and deserves to be looked at honestly and forthrightly, so we can begin to make amends. And I am tired of reading articles about the poor conditions in Iraq that fail to mention the results of over 10 years of sanctions that reduced a once wealthy and well educated populace to extreme poverty.

Our media can and should do better.

Leslie Reindl
Arden Hills, MN (see enclosed letter to editor)

Leslie Reindl is President of Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers

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