MAP Member Opinion "Peace"  

Response to Comments by Capt. Bill Chandler

by Leslie Reindl
sent 3-18-03

To the editor: The reckless comments of Capt. Bill Chandler, made at the
governor's Emergency Management conference last week, need to be strongly
addressed. In the context of a conference on the theme of terrorism and
emergency management, Mr. Chandler's reference to the Arise Bookstore,
Students Against the War, and some other organizations devoted to working
for a more just world is very provocative. Arise is one of the members of
the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers. To become a member of MAP an
organization must agree to our mission statement, which includes the primacy
of justice, the rule of law over the rule of force, and the peaceful
resolution of conflict. To name peaceful groups working to better our world
alongside organizations that actively promote class and race hatred is to
sow distrust and doubt in the minds of people who know nothing about these
groups. This would seem to be the beginning of an official attempt to
remove from citizens their First Amendment right to free speech and dissent.

All of us who work for a more peaceful and just world consider ourselves
living up to the true nature of human beings as loving and just persons, not
only to fellow Americans but to all people everywhere. Terrorists might be
defined as those who unleash their military or other one-sided power on a
defenseless population, whether that population is business people in a
tower or civilians in a declared battle zone.

Many people now in power would do well to study American Constitutional
history and government.

Leslie Reindl, President, Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers

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