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Give Voice to Opponents of War
by Leslie Reindl
sent 11-23-04, Star Tribune

To the Editor:

On November 12 your reporter Randy Furst wrote about war protests and reactions to the election by the peace and justice community. He gave some voice to people who know how badly the occupation of Iraq is going, how internationally illegal it is for the U.S. to be in Iraq, and approximately how many Iraqi civilians have been murdered, I mean collaterally damaged, by our invasion. I hope that Mr. Furst or others at the Star Tribune will continue to be interested in what opponents of endless war, a deficit that may lead to real economic turmoil around the world, a regime that has no regard for the limits of the environment and cares just as little about the needs of ordinary people, will be doing as a matter of conscience and prayerful desire for change in a world seemingly gone mad with greed and ineptitude (to put a nice name on criminal malfeasance and election fraud).

Will we succeed in making a difference for suffering people and animals and environment? Only succeeding generations will be able to judge us, but we know that going quietly into the world and future our leaders are creating is not an option for us. We are many, and as life becomes ever more intolerable, our numbers will increase. Will the world as we know it last long enough to change course because of our activities? We do hope so, for your and our children's sake.

Leslie Reindl

Leslie Reindl is President of Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers

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