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Another Stolen Election
by Leslie Reindl
sent 11-15-04, Star Tribune

The 2004 presidential election has been stolen again. Is no one in the media concerned about the loss of democracy, even the semblance of democracy, in America? Is this election going to be allowed to go the way of the 2000 election, so that we get four more years of war, budget deficit, international hatred and perhaps much more terrorism against Americans for "electing" such a regime? Are we to become the pariahs of the world for allowing this band of thieves and liars to continue in office?

More and more evidence is accumulating about how this election was stolen, and not just in Ohio. I request, demand, that your newspaper begin covering this evidence and raising questions. How can this be occurring in the United States, without a murmur from anyone in the media?

Please perform the function the media are supposed to fulfill--impartial provision of the news, wheher good or bad for those in power, or for the stock market.

Leslie Reindl

Leslie Reindl is President of Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers

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