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War with Iran
by Jane Powers
Minnesota Daily Published Date: September 28, 2006

When I think about my country, the United States of America, my heart sighs out of profound sadness. I was in England at a metal casting residency (yes, I am artist) on 9/11. Over the TV and in the local newspapers, I heard the outpouring of compassion from Europeans for what the United States had just endured. But to my astonishment, from my own country, I mostly heard vitriolic revenge rhetoric and comments like "don't let the terrorists win, go out and shop." We let pass an opportunity for sincere reflection about who we are and how we are impacting other countries, and we lost a critical opportunity to truly join with the world to address the rise of terrorism in the world. Amid lies and distortion, we let the war drums thunder and effectively called a traitor anyone who tried to question. First we brought war to Afghanistan, but "let" Osama bin Laden escape and then quietly diverted large numbers of our soldiers from there to just outside Iraq rather than truly rebuild the infrastructure there, thus leaving the country vulnerable. Report after report that I read and hear (and yes, I'm not listening to Fox News), say that the war in Iraq has been and continues to be a failure on so many fronts, that the United States is more vulnerable now and that the wars have fueled the growth of terrorist groups. Furthermore, billions and billions of dollars are being drained from the U.S. economy, resulting in cuts in funding for our increasingly vulnerable infrastructure.

So … now Iran. This is total insanity! Our armed services are already overtaxed, our federal debt is escalating, terrorist cells are multiplying and an ever-increasing number of people in the world are looking at the United States with great distain. Stop! Learn from past mistakes! Do not fall captive to this next lunatic enterprise. Say no to any form of military venture in Iran!

Jane Powers
Twin City Artist Front


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