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BUSH’S “War Powers” 
Sook Holdridge

sent to the editor, Star Tribune, 1-5-07

Isn’t it strange that Bush “the decider” has been able to retain war powers authority even after it was clear he used false pretenses to convince Congress to transfer that authority to him four years ago?

You would think Congress would have called “foul” and taken back its war powers authority which the Constitution clearly says is its responsibility—not the President’s. Only if Iraq had been an immanent threat would it justify giving a President war powers, and there’s evidence the Administration knew that Iraq was never a threat to the United States or anyone else.

So, maybe we could restore some sanity into the Iraq dilemma if Congress would reclaim and live up to its responsibility.  For example, the people have said, along with most experts, that a “surge” of troops in Iraq is not the path we ought to be taking. 

Sook Holdridge, Edina


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