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Supporting Our Troops
by Todd Erickson
Sent to Star Tribune, 12/10/04

December 10, 2004

The Bush administration has failed miserably in their efforts to support the troops by sending our US soldiers into an unwinnable quagmire and inadequately equipping them in many areas.

Family members have sent loved ones crucial military gear for their survival while soldiers have to rummage through landfills for the scrap metal and shards of bulletproof glass. Families are forced to endure extended separations and ongoing uncertainty through back-door draft policies of stop-loss and the use of Ready Reserve.

Returning US soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq lack the medical attention in the evaluation for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and testing for exposure to the wind- dispersed, depleted uranium (DU).

The best way to support the troops is to bring an end to the unjust, unnecessary, and disastrous war in Iraq. End the U.S. occupation of Iraq and return US soldiers to their home bases.

I think we should spend more time investigating Rumsfeld and others for their roles in the deaths of US soldiers caused by their mismanagement of inadequately supplying our troops and addressing their healthcare needs when they return.

Todd L. Erickson
VFP #27 VP,
1975-81 U.S. Army National Guard


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