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A note from the Aitkin Independent Age editor, Ann Schwartz

I have known Lynn Elling for many years and tracked his efforts to promote a peaceful, healthy world. Here are a few highlights:

  • Influenced by the World War II Battle of Tarawa as a navy officer on an LST.
  • Co-author of the Minnesota Declaration of World citizenship, 1971, after a visit to Hiroshima.
  • Past president of the United nations Association for Minnesota.
  • A friend of Minnesota governors Harold Stassen, Gov. Elmer Andersen, Gov.Wendy Anderson and governor Al Quie.
  • Founder of World citizen and co-founder of annual Nobel Peace Prize Festival.


Here is a letter to the editor from Lynn:

Wake up, human family
Lynn Elling

I believe that this is an open moment in history for all within the
human family to demand an end to the war in Lebanon under a United
Nations Peace Plan.

We can demand that all parties involved in the cease fire honor their
part in the agreement; that their country contributes troops along with
the 15,000 UN member peace keeping force; urge their country to support
a UN Mini- Marshal Plan to repair to rebuild war damaged areas of
Lebanon. Also, promote investments in Lebanese businesses.

We should personally invest time and money into the driving dream of
Harold Stassen to transform the United Nations into a parliament for
the entire human family. Harold has written several books on how to
reform the UN.

If everyone believes in this the cease fire will hold; the UN will
organize a 15,000 member peace keeping force to join the Lebanese army
of 15,000; the Israeli troops would go home and Hezballa would abide by
the UN mandate.

Let's abolish war.

Lynn Elling, Big Sandy Lake/Minneapolis


Published 8/30/06 in Aitkin Independent Age


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