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Re: Poll Results of 1204 Americans
Dick Bernard, Woodbury

Pioneer Press, Jan 14, 2003

I was truly astonished at the poll results of 1204 Americans
(story, Jan. 12). Forty-four percent of the respondents thought most of the 9/11 terrorists were Iraqi; 6 percent thought one was; 33 percent didn't know or refused to answer; and only one out of six Americans got the right answer, which is that none of the hijackers was a citizen of Iraq. Then in the same edition, a big headline: "Secrecy reaches new levels under Bush administration." No wonder this administration seems to be able to get away with whatever it wants. Apparently, most of our fellow citizens still will believe almost anything, including that secrecy is necessary to success. When "the chickens come home to roost" for our country, as they will, and we wonder what happened, maybe some will look back and see the price of ignorance and detachment of the body politic.
Dick Bernard, Woodbury

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