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Updated September 25, 2005

Alliant is firm in not engaging the rhetorical enemy
Jeremy Iggers
[Part II of II, August 28, 2004] Star Tribune

A moral war over weapons
Jeremy Iggers
[Part I of II, August 21, 2004] Star Tribune

Background on Haiti: Some Questions and Answers
by Mary Turck
Published on Tuesday, February 24, 2004 by Americas.org
(Resource Center of the Americas)

Mideast Conflict Goes Before World Court
By ARTHUR MAX, Associated Press Writer
Published February 23, 2004, Star Tribune

MINNESOTA: Former President Carter promotes peace in St. Paul
Posted on Sun, Feb. 22, 2004, Pioneer Press

Carter says Americans can do more for developing world
The Associated Press
Published February 22, 2004, Star Tribune

Tibet Supporters Seek Art Exhibit Boycott
Associated Press
Published February 22, 2004, Star Tribune

Peter Agre, Nobel Prize laureate offers kids a lesson
Posted on Thu, Feb. 19, 2004, Pioneer Press

Peace in the Precincts: From the Streets to the System
Wednesday 18 February @ 14:36:24
By Burt Berlowe, Pulse of the Twin Cities

Bill McManus: Peace, justice and community
Nick Coleman, Star Tribune
Published February 18, 2004, Star Tribune

Paul Krugman: The credentials of Bush critics keep getting better and better COMMENTARY: THE AWFUL TRUTH
Paul Krugman, New York Times
Published January 14, 2004, Star Tribune

Editorial: The wrong war/Why Iraq was a mistake
Published January 13, 2004, Star Tribune

PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY: Clark visits Superior, outlines goals
Associated Press, Posted on Tue, Jan. 13, 2004, Pioneer Press
SUPERIOR, Wis. — Gen. Wesley Clark criticized President Bush for taking the country into the Iraq war...

Candlelight event for the children of Iraq (and other child war victims)
by Bert Schlauch
Published 29 Dec 2003, Twin Cities Independent Media Center

Northfield residents promote peace with weekly vigil
Shira Kantor, Star Tribune
Published December 24, 2003, Star Tribune

Building a War Machine on the Backs of Victims
by Lydia Howell
Wednesday 10 December, Pulse of the Twin Cities

Palestinian Official Hopes for Truce Deal
RAVI NESSMAN, Associated Press
Posted on Sat, Nov. 15, 2003, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Ex-security chiefs criticize Sharon
BY RAVI NESSMAN, Associated Press
Posted on Sat, Nov. 15, 2003, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Expanded story: Palestinian and Israeli leaders prepare for summit
BY MARK LAVIE, Associated Press
Posted on Fri, Nov. 14, 2003, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Danny Schechter: The responsibility of the media
Listen to MPR Midday program broadcast November 12, 2003

Filmmaker and Emmy award-winning television journalist Danny Schechter, speaking about the role of the news media. He is the author of Embedded: Weapons of Mass Deception, and The More You Watch the Less You Know. He spoke Tuesday in Minneapolis at an event sponsored by the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers.

CIA: More Iraqis supporting resistance
By JONATHAN S. LANDAY, Knight Ridder Newspapers
Posted on Wed, Nov. 12, 2003, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Read 11-10-03 Star Tribune front-page article "Is Bush Right About Liberal Media Bias?" by Eric Black, with comments from Danny Schechter (speaker at MAP's Nov. 11 Annual Celebration of Peace)

Al Franken
Listen to MPR Midday program broadcast October 20, 2003

A Twin Cities speech by Al Franken, author of Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right. He spoke at an event sponsored by Ruminator Books in St. Paul.

Minnesota Public Radio, Midday with Gary Eichten 4/25/03:
Historian and author Howard Zinn

A speech given Wednesday (4/24/03) by historian Howard Zinn, at the University of St. Thomas, about the war in Iraq.

Our Love Affair With War: A Conversation With Chris Hedges
Photos and Story by John Tribbett
Published Wednesday 23 April @ 12:43:35, Pulse of the Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS: Minnesota group first to deliver aid to Iraq
Posted on Wed, Apr. 23, 2003, Pioneer Press

Death by DU
Depleted uranium: A deadly tool in the U.S. arsenal

by Beth Hawkins
4/23/03, Twin Cities, City Pages

Pope remembers victims of war
Associated Press
Posted on Sat, Apr. 19, 2003 , Pioneer Press

European Union urges key role for U.N. in Iraq
BY ROBERT WIELAARD, Associated Press
Posted on Thu, Apr. 17, 2003 , Pioneer Press

Forum's aim is to ease tensions in war of words
Posted on Wed, Apr. 16, 2003, Pioneer Press

McCarthy: U.S. 'can't control the world'
Randy Furst, Star Tribune
Published April 15, 2003

4-15-03, Minnesota Public Radio, Midday
National Press Club: Tim Robbins


A live broadcast from the National Press Club featuring actor and director Tim Robbins, who has sparked controversy with his anti-war campaign. His speech is titled, "The War, the Movement and the Bush First-Strike Doctrine."

Some skeptical of Bush's Mideast 'road map' for peace
Posted on Sun, Apr. 13, 2003, Duluth News Tribune

Posted on Tue, Apr. 08, 2003, St Paul Pioneer Press
REBUILDING IRAQ: U.N., other nations should play major roles

War protesters hold vigil at Alliant; more than two dozen arrested
Posted on Wed, Apr. 02, 2003

Women in black play role in Duluth war debate
Chuck Haga, Star Tribune
Published April 1, 2003

Cat Stevens records song to raise money for Iraqi children
Associated Press
Published March 31, 2003, Star Tribune

(download new "Peace Train" at http://www.yusufislam.org.uk/audio/peacetrain.shtml)

1,000 war protesters demonstrate in Minneapolis
Randy Furst, Star Tribune
Published March 30, 2003

Loring Park Gathering Says No to War
by Bert Schlauch
30 Mar 2003, Twin Cities Independent Media

Protesters out in force
Posted on Sun, Mar. 30, 2003, Pioneer Press

Protesters arrested at White House; others protest Bush visit to Florida
BY JONATHAN D. SALANT, Associated Press
Posted on Thu, Mar. 27, 2003, Pioneer Press

And The War Came
Cover Story by Steve Perry,
Published March 26, 2003, City Pages

Alone in a Crowd
by G.R. Anderson Jr.
Published March 26, 2003, City Pages

Neighbors March for Peace
by christopher mitchell 10:45pm Sat Mar 22 '03
Twin Cities Independent Media

Posted on Sat, Mar. 22, 2003
McCarthy speaks out on another war
Pioneer Press Columnist

Posted on Fri, Mar. 21, 2003
Protesters tie up big U.S. cities
Washington Bureau, Pioneer Press

Posted on Thu, Mar. 20, 2003
Thousands walk through downtown Minneapolis to protest war
Pioneer Press

Organized labor takes unusual anti-war stance
Posted on Thu, Mar. 20, 2003, Pioneer Press

U.S. does not have sufficient justification for war against Iraq
BY HARRY J. FLYNN, Guest Columnist
Posted on Thu, Mar. 20, 2003 , Pioneer Press

Opinion: Pioneer Press
Posted on Tue, Mar. 18, 2003
OTHER VOICES: Weighing the risks: war and peace

Protesters around world denounce war
BY TONY PUGH and TOSIN SULAIMAN, Washington Bureau
Posted on Sun, Mar. 16, 2003, Pioneer Press

ST. PAUL: Peace advocates gather to share message of protest
Posted on Sun, Mar. 17, 2003, Pioneer Press

Over 100 Protest War In Mankato Saturday
Posted on Twin Cities Independent Media, 12:24pm Sun Mar 16 '03 (Modified on 1:37pm Sun Mar 16 '03)

Ex-lawmakers oppose war; protests set
BY ELIZABETH WOLFE, Associated Press
Posted on Sat, Mar. 15, 2003 , Pioneer Press

Anti-war movement amazes its adherents
Posted on Mon, Mar. 10, 2003, Pioneer Press

U.S. anti-war groups gain momentum
BY FRANK DAVIES, Washington Bureau
Posted on Mon, Mar. 10, 2003 , Pioneer Press

Eric Black: Questions on the road to war
Eric Black
Published Jan. 12, 2003, Star Tribune

Startribune article
"Twin Cities Journal: Anti-war activists reflect, rethink, regroup"
by Chuck Haga (nov. 13, 2002)

Pulse of the Twin Cities | November 6-12, 2002
How I Learned to Start Worrying and Fear the Bomb
by Ed Felien

Series from Twin Cities Wellness Magazine Feb/2002 - Dec/2002

Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers -- Feb 2002

Growing Communities for Peace, Mar 2002

United Nations Association of Minnesota, Apr 2002

Women Against Military Madness, May 2002

Resource Center of the Americas, June 2002

Twin Cities Campaign to Lift Sanctions, July 2002

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Aug 2002

Walker Community United Methodist Church, Sept 2002

Friends for a Nonviolent World, Oct 2002

Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27, Nov 2002

Nonviolent Peaceforce, Dec 2002


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